Tech Tip: Wrapping Jones Bars

If you run Jones Loop H-Bars, you probably wrap the fore and aft sections for added comfort. The most common technique is to wrap each side and section separately. And while that approach is easiest, it leaves gaps where many riders–myself included–like to rest the heels of their hands. Instead, here’s a method that provides uninterrupted padding.

Step One

Choose a starting point on handlebar’s rear section, and wrap towards you (as though you were sitting on the bike).

Step Two

When you reach the forward portion of the loop, pull the tape over the top of the welded section (at a 45° angle).

Step Three

Continue wrapping under the bar, and behind the weld.

Step Four

Cross the tape up and over the previous section, wrapping towards the front of the bike.

Step Five

Continue wrapping the tape around the forward section (finishing as usual).

Note: I find that removing the brake levers makes it easier to wrap the bars.


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