First Impressions: Velo Orange Transporteur Bag

Velo Orange (VO) got its start in 2006 as an importer of hard-to-find bicycle parts and accessories. In recent years, the company’s lineup has grown to include VO-branded framesets, components, and softgoods. For their current line of bags, Velo Orange collaborated with Road Runner Bags of Los Angeles to produce a diverse range of US-made gear. Designed for use with porteur-style racks (or baskets), the aptly-named Transporteur ($125 MSRP) bag is the ideal companion for touring and utility cycling.

Constructed from heavy-duty Cordura fabric, the Transporteur features a seam-sealed, waterproof (floating) liner. The bag’s roll-top closure can be cinched down for smaller loads, but also lends itself to overstuffing when more capacity is needed (the bag’s base measures 10″ x 12″, and stands 16″ tall when unrolled). A separate front pocket with waterproof zipper provides easy access to smaller items, and a removable shoulder strap enables off-the-bike use. Three rows of nylon webbing and six hook-and-loop straps make attaching the bag simple and secure.

While designed for Velo Orange’s Porteur rack, the Transporteur’s free-form shape and versatile mounting system provides compatibility with many different racks and baskets. I wasn’t able to test the Transporteur with the aforementioned Velo Orange rack, but I didn’t encounter any incompatibilities with Rawland Cycles’ Raidoverks Demiporteur V2 front rack. For most of my testing, I relied on Rawland’s smaller Raidoverks Rando V2 rack paired with the ubiquitous Wald 137 basket. That combination worked well, except when bulkier loads made it slightly more difficult to stuff the bag all the way into the basket. Even with normal-size cargo, it does take some effort to fully seat the Transporteur into a Wald 137 basket (due to the size of the bag’s bottom stiffener).

At 480 grams, the Transporteur is heavier than similar bags that I tested in January. In all honesty, though, the extra 100-150 grams isn’t really noticeable by the time you factor in the weight of the rack, basket, and most importantly, your cargo. Like the competition, Velo Orange’s bag keeps does a great job of keeping its contents clean, dry, and organized. It’s the little touches–such as the external pocket–combined with the bag’s outstanding fit and finish–that make the Transporteur worthy of its $125 price tag.

Disclosure: Velo Orange provided review samples for this article, but offered no other form of compensation in exchange for editorial coverage.