Under Test: Salsa Vaya 650B Conversion Project

GRAVELBIKE.com gravel grinder monstercross Kenda Slant Six 650B
Kenda 650B Slant Six Pro tire installed on the author’s Salsa Vaya.

In an effort to make my Salsa Vaya even more dirt- and gravel-capable, I’m switching over to 650B (aka, 27.5) wheels. Shod with large knobbies (that’s a 2.1″ tire in the photo), the overall diameter of the wheels is about the same as with 700×28 tires.

Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “Under Test: Salsa Vaya 650B Conversion Project

    1. No issues thus far, but I haven’t ridden it anywhere that’s rocky/technical. I’m used to riding low-BB bikes on dirt/gravel, so I suspect I’m a bit more aware of potential issues.

  1. Well, I was starting to get stoked about a Vaya, until I saw that I would get a 26″ bike in my 52cm size. Bummer. No way baby. 26″ bikes are a dime a dozen. It’s big wheels or nothing. I’ve owned both a Crosscheck and a Doublecross, and grownup sized wheels are the way to go.

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