Things I Like: Specialites T.A. Chainrings

Specialites T.A. of France has been making chainrings longer than I’ve been alive (and I’m no spring chicken).  Chances are, if you have a crank that’s been made in the last 40 years, they make a compatible chainring.  And in some cases, they offer configurations that the original manufacturers don’t even produce.

T.A. CNC machines their top chainrings from 7075 T6 aluminum alloy.  This method (and material) is not unique to the French company, but the fit and finish of their rings is some of the best I’ve encountered.  Lateral and radial run-out is all but nonexistent, which is definitely appreciated on setups with minimal clearances.  On my bikes, shifting with the T.A. rings is as smooth as the stock units that I replaced.

T.A. Chainrings
Specialites T.A. Zephyr 34/46 chainrings mounted on Shimano R4550 cranks.

T.A. chainrings may cost a little more than other brands, but given the same level of drivetrain maintenance, they’ll easily outlast cheaper rings (and some of the more expensive ones, too).