Things I Like: N-Gear Jump Stop Chain Guide

Over the past 15-20 years, drivetrain technology has grown by leaps and bounds.  Yet even with all the advances and improvements, if you ride long or hard enough, you will eventually experience chain derailment.  The end result could range from a minor inconvenience, to damaging your bike’s chain, crank, or frame.  And if you’re an elite racer, it could even mean the difference between winning and losing.

N-Gear’s Jump Stop chain guide is designed to prevent those problems, and that’s why you’ll find one on every one of my bikes.  I’ve tried similar devices from other manufacturers, but the results have been mixed.  One competitor’s product not only failed to prevent a derailed chain, but required removal of the drive-side crank arm to free the fallen–and now jammed–chain. In 15 years of use, no other device has offered the consistent superior functionality of the Jump Stop. gravel bike gravelbike jump stop chain guide bike

Installing the Jump Stop is simple process thanks to the clear instructions and included tool.  Sizes are available to fit most common seat tube diameters, and the company has an extensive P.A.Q. that covers installation and setup.  Plus, if any part fails, N-Gear will replace it (something I’ve never had to take advantage of).

For more information, visit N-Gear’s website.

2 thoughts on “Things I Like: N-Gear Jump Stop Chain Guide

  1. I’m pleased to hear you have found the Jump Stop satisfactory, and much thanks for taking the time to tell others about it. My ISP has arbitrarily decided to drop the ax on all their customers’ websites, so my longtime URL is now dead. I’ve started rebuilding the site at (hyphen included) e-mail remains the same, for now. If you do ever need parts or service, just let me know.


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