Things I Like: Descente Coldout Beanie

For the past year, the Descente Coldout beanie has been a staple in my cycling wardrobe.  It does exactly what it’s supposed to do–namely, keep my head warm–and it does it better than any other beanie/skull cap that I’ve tried. gravel bike descente coldout beanie

What’s so great about this one, you ask?  For one, it actually fits my large-ish head.  One size really does fit all–or at least, me–in this case.  I can pull it down and completely cover my ears without it feeling like it’s going to fly off the moment I remove my helmet.  Secondly, it’s soft.  There are no nasty seams to press into your forehead, and it doesn’t turn to sandpaper if you’ve been sweating for a couple of hours.  And lastly, it can handle a pretty wide range of temperatures.  I’ve worn it in the mid-40’s, and down to the high-20’s (below that I layer it with a lycra balaclava).

I give it two thumbs (ears?) up.

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