Sneak Peek gravel grinder Salsa Vaya 700C CroMo
The start of a new project.

13 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

    1. Ah, nice. Wanting some advice (anybody): my Soma commuter bike cracked around the bottom bracket, 2nd frame from Soma to do so, they will not warranty.
      Beside the point, putting together a Fargo to commute and want to run a tubeless setup…..looking for some tires that will setup tubeless in the 35-45c range. Suggestions?? Thx

      1. Sorry to hear about the broken frames.

        Do you want a tire with tread? How much pressure do you think you’ll want/need?

        1. Tread really isn’t necessary, most miles will be road/chip-seal rough road and the like. Obviously, as a tubeless setup, I’m thinking pressures in the 45-55psi range. I’m going comfortable and utilitarian on this Fargo, with a jones loop h-bar.

          Appreciate any input. Thanks

          1. There are a few tires out there. The first one that comes to mind is the Specialized Trigger 2Bliss Pro 38c.

          2. Sounds great guys, appreciate the input. I’ll look into those and will follow up with an opinion of the set up I choose. Cheers

      2. I’ve been totally happy (excited, even!) about the 38mm Barlow Pass tire from Compass Bicycles. They’re super comfortable and, with nice low pressures, they’ve been perfect on everything from new asphalt to rough gravel. They’re not your armored “commuter” tire but, if you ask Jan Heine over at Compass and Bicycle Quarterly, you shouldn’t have much of a flat problem on any low-pressure tires unless you’re riding through a lot of sharp debris.

          1. I haven’t yet run mine without tubes, but people seem to have success with it. The tires are obviously not UST-compliant (nor specified as tubeless-ready), but it looks like there’s reason to be optimistic about using some latex sealant and tubeless-ready rims like ZTR, Velocity, American Classic, or others.

          2. Sez Jan Heine (a principal behind Compass Bicycles): “We’ve had no problems running the “standard” version [of the Compass brand of tires] tubeless. The “extralight” casing is more porous, so it can take a little more patience to seal.”

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