Tech Tip: Wrapping Jones Bars

If you run Jones Loop H-Bars, you probably wrap the fore and aft sections for added comfort. The most common technique is to wrap each side and section separately. And while that approach is easiest, it leaves gaps where many riders–myself included–like to rest the heels of their hands. Instead, here’s a method that provides uninterrupted padding.

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First Impressions: Polar Breakaway Muck Insulated Bottle

In the bicycle accessory world, nothing beats a water bottle when it comes to simplicity. They may vary slightly in color or appearance, but all bottles perform the same basic function. How do you improve something that’s remained essentially unchanged for the past half-century? By addressing the needs of mountain bikers and gravel riders, Colorado’s Polar Bottle does just that with their Muck series of bottles.

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First Impressions: microSHIFT ADVENT X Components

In the race for drivetrain domination, more = better.¬†More cogs, more standards, more complexity. Bucking those trends, however, is microSHIFT’s ADVENT X group. Opting for only ten gears, ADVENT X takes on the competition not with more cogs, but with lighter weight, improved simplicity, and one very unexpected quality–availability.

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First Impressions: Specialized Rime Flat Shoes

Ask five people to define adventure riding, and you’re likely to get five different answers. Most riders, however, will agree that it usually includes a healthy dose of two-footed exploration (planned or otherwise). Finding a shoe that’s suited to biking and hiking can be tricky. Thanks to Specialized, adventure riders get the best of both worlds with the company’s Rime Flat shoe.

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Lezyne Giveaway

Do you remember wearing pants? No? That’s OK–we won’t tell anyone.

When you finally decide to ditch the sweats for actual pants, this custom Lezyne belt/buckle will have you looking like it’s 2019 again. The trim-to-fit belt measures 1.75″ x 48″, and is housed in a swanky, CNC-machined storage case.

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