First Impressions: Thomson Seatpost Collar

The lowly seatpost collar is one of those utilitarian components that is often ignored or overlooked.  Companies often rely on colorful anodized finishes or exotic materials in hopes that their product will stand out from the competition.  While a blinged-out collar may look cool, it’s pretty much useless if your seatpost slips down midway through a ride.

Thomson’s seatpost collar is one of the newer additions to their product lineup.  Like their popular seatposts and stems, Thomson’s collar is CNC-machined in the company’s Georgia facility.  The collar’s shape and finish fit right in with the semi-industrial aesthetic that Thomson is known for. gravel grinder thomson seatpost collar clamp titec rawland rsogn

The Thomson collar utilizes the same bolt, washer, and barrel nut combination that’s found in their seatposts.  This combination of hardware allows for “float” on both sides of the slot, which helps ensure consistent clamping force.  By optimizing the collar’s height and bolt hole angle, the Thomson collar generates maximum clamping force at an astonishingly low 25 inch-pounds of (fastener) torque.

Initially I was skeptical that a collar with such a low torque rating could secure my Rawland’s seatpost.  By comparison, many popular clamps have recommended torque specs that are 150% to 250% higher.  My skepticism was unwarranted, however, as the rSogn’s seatpost hasn’t budged at all in the six months I’ve been using the Thomson collar.  Thomson’s collar is truly one of those, “set it and forget it” parts that pays for itself many times over.

The Thomson seatpost collar is available in 28.6mm, 29.8mm, 31.8mm, 34.9mm, and 36.4mm sizes.  The collar has a retail price of $29.95, and is available in silver or black finishes.  More information is available on the Thomson website.