First Impressions: Silca EOLO III CO2 Regulator

When you think of Silca, chances are you’re reminded of the company’s iconic Pista track pumps and Impero frame pumps. You might not know, however, that in 1982, Silca developed one of the first CO2 regulators, the EOLO. Prior to the introduction of the EOLO, regulating airflow was accomplished by twisting the COcartridge.

In 2013 Silca’s founders–the Sacchi family–sold the company to Joshua Poertner, the former Technical Director at Zipp Speed Weaponry. Intent on preserving Silca’s rich heritage, while leveraging Indianapolis, Indiana’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Poertner set to work improving the EOLO CO2 regulator. gravel grinder Silca Italy USA EOLO CO2 regulator

Having used–and broken–numerous CO2 inflation systems, I’ve seen my fair share of shortcomings such as leaky connections, all-or-nothing regulation, and breakage resulting from drastic temperature changes. When it came time to test the EOLO III, I approached the project with a mix of skepticism and optimism.

The first time you pick up the EOLO III, you can’t help but notice the attention to detail. There are absolutely no sharp or rough edges. The insulator rings fit perfectly in their machined grooves, and the Alcoa aluminum’s black finish is on par with the finest components. The EOLO’s beauty is not just skin deep. Inside the regulator you’ll find vacuum cast urethane o-rings, and a stainless steel puncture pin that’s twice as hard as the ones found on competitors’ inflators. gravel grinder Silca Italy USA EOLO CO2 regulator

For me, personally, COhas always been reserved for extreme cases such as seating stubborn tubeless tires, or quickly airing up a tire after dark or in bad weather. More often than not, though, COwas more of a crapshoot than silver bullet. That all changed with EOLO III. There’s a good reason that Silca refers to the EOLO III as a regulator. Whether you need to discharge a little or a lot of air, Silca makes it easy to regulate airflow with the EOLO. Press down on the regulator, and it feels like a well-oiled machine (because that’s exactly what it is). That precise feel isn’t limited to the first use, either. After months of being shuttled between various bike and seat packs, my sample EOLO operates as smoothly as the day it arrived.

The EOLO III bundle will set you back $47.95, and includes two Silca ultra-premium 16 gram CO2  cartridges. EOLO regulators ship with red, white, green, and blue insulator rings, with other colors available separately. Silca products can be purchased directly, or through one of their dealers.

Disclosure: SILCA provided review samples for this article, but offered no other form of compensation in exchange for editorial coverage.