First Impressions: Profile Racing Elite Road Hubset

Profile Racing is best known for its BMX components.  The company got its start in 1978, and three decades later, the Florida-based company expanded its offerings to include fixed-gear hubs.  In 2012, Profile introduced their Elite Road hubset. Profile Racing Elite hub Wheelsmith Velocity Black Mountain Cycles

Like the company’s other hubs, Profile Road hubs are CNC-machined in-house.  Front hubs are available in 20, 24, or 28-hole configurations.  The rear hub features 130mm spacing (Shimano/SRAM compatible), and is available in 24, 28, or 32-hole drillings.  Our front hub weighed 88 grams, and the rear hub tipped the scales at 314 grams.  The front hub rolls on two sealed (61901) bearings, and the rear hub utilizes four sealed bearings (two 6802 in the hub shell, two 6802 in the driver). Profile Racing Elite hub Wheelsmith Velocity SRAM Black Mountain Cycles

The heart of the rear hub is Profile’s Elite Ultradrive system.  Six pawls mate with a 68-step ratchet ring for near-instantaneous engagement.  The hub’s distinctive sound–which Profile likens to “Furious Wasps”–is hard to ignore.  Coast, and everyone around you will immediately take notice.  After my first ride on the Elites, I dubbed them “Motörhead” (i.e., “… louder than everything else”).

For our test, we had the Profile hubs laced to Velocity’s A23 rims (28h front, 32h rear).  With Panaracer’s 28mm Pasela tires, the wheels have been reliable–and comfortable–over a variety of surfaces, including dirt roads (this is GRAVELBIKE, after all).  After only a few rides, I found myself spoiled by the quickness of the Ultradrive’s engagement.  It’s too soon to tell how long the hubs’ internals will last, but Profile offers a complete selection of replacement parts including pawls, springs, and bearings.

Profile Racing Elite Road hubs retail for $464.95/pair, and are available in black or silver anodized finishes.  Rear hubs are available separately for $319.95.

Disclosure: Profile Racing provided review samples for this article, but offered no other form of compensation for this review.

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  1. Gravel, just so I’m understanding…when you say these are “CNC-machined in-house,” they’re made in the US of A? If yes, then boy howdy do they look good to me!

  2. So just how loud is the rear? I like the ‘Furious Wasps’ idea….lets people know you are bearing down on them.

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