First Impressions: K-Edge Computer Mount

Whether you ride for utility or recreation (or both), handlebar real estate can be a precious commodity. Lights, bells, handlebar bags, and computers all vie for the space on either side of your bike’s stem. Often times, there simply isn’t enough room for all of one’s favorite accessories. If you use one of Garmin’s popular Edge computers, however, K-Edge offers several mounts that free up valuable handlebar space.

Like K-Edge’s other computer mounts, the Idaho-based company’s Stem Mount is CNC-machined from billet aluminum, comes in three anodized colors (black, grey, or red), and features an injection-molded interface. Available in fixed- and adjustable-angle versions, GRAVELBIKE tested the adjustable model over a two-month period with Garmin’s Edge 500 GPS cycle computer. gravel grinder K-Edge Garmin GPS Thomson Elite X4 Acros Strava MapMyRide RideWithGPS
The K-Edge mount takes the place of a 5mm spacer above the stem.

The Stem Mount installs between the bike’s stem and top cap. On our test rigs, the K-Edge mounts replaced one of the 5mm spacers that normally take up the extra steerer tube length under the top cap. The mount’s angle adjusts with a 3mm allen key, and there was enough range to clear +10° and +17° stems of various lengths. gravel grinder K-Edge Garmin GPS Thomson Elite X4 Acros Strava MapMyRide RideWithGPS
Garmin’s Edge 500 computer installed on the K-Edge mount.

In use, the Stem Mounts quickly earned set-and-forget status. Swapping the Edge 500 head unit between the K-Edge mounts took no additional effort compared to the stock Garmin mounts, and the Stem Mounts’ injection-molded inserts offered increased peace of mind with an audible (and tactile) confirmation that the computer was locked-and-loaded.

What does the $39.99 ($29.99 for the fixed-angle model) K-Edge Stem Mount offer over Garmin’s stock mount? Improved security, for one. The one-size-fits-most attachment method used by Garmin is OK for handlebars, but it doesn’t compare to the added security of K-Edge’s stem/steerer-mounted method. K-Edge’s injection-molded interface also proved to be more secure in the event of a crash or unintended dismount (no more launched computers!).

Disclosure: K-Edge provided review samples for this article, but offered no other form of compensation for this review.