First Impressions: JustOne Custom Saddle

Finding the right saddle can be a real challenge. It’s even more frustrating if you want something other than the limited color choices offered by the big saddle companies. Whether you’re looking for the perfect seat to complement your new bike, or you want to spice up an older rig, JustOne Custom Bicycle Saddles has just what you need.

You won’t find JustOne saddles at your local bike shop. Marcus Williamson, JustOne’s founder, sells the one-of-a-kind saddles exclusively through Etsy. Selection varies, but at the time of this writing, Williamson had more than two-dozen saddles available. JustOne saddles start at $59, which is a downright bargain when you consider that each saddle is unique, and all covering and finishing is done by hand.

Williamson offers multiple saddle styles, and we tested the classic-inspired model which features cro-moly rails, lightweight high-density padding, and is finished off with solid brass screw posts. If you’re thinking that the JustOne saddle resembles Selle San Marco’s venerable Regal model, you’re not mistaken–the two saddles’ dimensions and profiles are very similar. Weight for our 150 mm x 279 mm test saddle was 302g.

We tested the JustOne saddle on multiple bikes, but found that it was most at home on road and gravel bikes. Dialing in the proper position was easy thanks to the saddle’s relatively flat fore/aft profile. Paired with our usual setback seatposts (Paul, Thomson, Zipp), the JustOne saddle’s rails offered plenty of adjustment. Comfort and support were comparable to similarly shaped competitors’ saddles. We didn’t experience any creaking during our test period, and the saddle’s rich leather covering remained tight and gap-free.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind saddle, JustOne definitely delivers the goods. The saddles’ fit, finish, and attention to detail are on par with pricier competitors’ models, and comfort doesn’t take a back seat to aesthetics.

Disclosure: JustOne provided review samples for this article, but offered no other form of compensation in exchange for editorial coverage.

2 thoughts on “First Impressions: JustOne Custom Saddle

  1. The color and custom work is great, but how is the overall feel of the saddle compared to other saddles you’ve ridden in the past? Is there another brand/model that you think compares to the feel of a JustOne?

    1. The shape is very similar to Selle San Marco’s Regal, but the JustOne’s padding is thicker, and feels a bit more plush.

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