First Impressions: Delta Axlerodz Skewers

According to legend, Tullio Campagnolo was inspired to invent the quick release skewer nearly a century ago when he was unable to loosen his bike’s wingnuts during a race. Some may argue over the authenticity of said legend, but it’s generally acknowledged that Signore Campagnolo’s invention was a major technological advance. If you’re not racing, though, you may not need–or want–quick release skewers. For riders who prefer added security and simplicity, Delta Cycle offers Axlerodz bolt-on skewers.

Priced at $14.99/pair, Delta’s Axlerodz feature Chrome-Moly axles, stainless steel springs, and aluminum end pieces (with threaded steel inserts). Installation requires a 5 mm Allen key (not included), and the bolt-on skewers fit dropouts with outside measurements of 95-115 mm (front) and 128-148 mm (rear). Untrimmed, Axlerodz weigh just 69 grams (per-pair). By comparison, a pair of Shimano Deore XT skewers weighs 123 grams.


I tested the bolt-on skewers with multiple hubs on aluminum, carbon, and steel frames and forks. Delta specifies a maximum torque rating of 7 Nm, but I found that 5-6 Nm was sufficient for most applications. Despite seeing their share of wet weather, the skewers remained rust-free during my test period (although it’s a good idea to lubricate any skewer to help prevent corrosion). And even though I quickly became proficient at installing the Axlerodz, I’d like to see Delta add a tab to the alloy nut so that it can’t spin when not fully tightened.

While the budget-friendly Axlerodz don’t offer the same level of theft resistance as the company’s higher-priced security skewers, Axlerodz do provide improved security compared to conventional quick releases. Added security is only part of the Axlerodz’s appeal, though. On bikes with crowded dropouts, Delta’s bolt-on skewers can provide much needed clearance, as illustrated in the above photos. And judging from the sheer number of  recalls related to quick release skewers, some riders will be better served by the Axlerodz’s simpler nut-and-bolt design.

Disclosure: Delta Cycle provided review samples for this article, but offered no other form of compensation in exchange for editorial coverage.