Dirty 40 Race & Rasputitsa Spring Classic Ride

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Just received an email from one of GRAVELBIKE’s readers announcing the Dirty 40 Race and Rasputitsa Spring Classic Ride. The 40 rolls through some of Vermont’s most scenic landscapes, and features 40 miles of gravel. The event helps raise funds for the Mary E. Wright Halo Foundation. Click here for more details.

One thought on “Dirty 40 Race & Rasputitsa Spring Classic Ride

  1. I rode in the VT Dirty 40. It was an incredible course and had some of the best community support I’ve ever seen. It was great seeing families watching us and handing out cups of lemonade. The ultimate thrill was when I stopped to get some water from a family and was challenged to a “race” by a 3 year old girl on her tricycle

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