First Impressions: Bont Vaypor G Shoes

Regular readers of GRAVELBIKE know that I’m a big fan of flat pedals (and their accompanying shoes) for just about any type of riding. But before making the switch to flats a few years ago, I spent more than two decades exclusively riding clipless pedals. During my clipless heyday I wore many brands’ shoes, but to be honest, Bont Cycling’s shoes were never really on my radar. That recently changed, however, with the introduction of the company’s new flagship model, the $399 Vaypor G. What makes the Vaypor G so special? For one, the G stands for gravel, making it one of the few bespoke gravel clipless shoes on the market.

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First Impressions: Paul Component Quick Release Skewers

Paul Price–the namesake of Paul Component Engineering–has been designing and manufacturing bicycle parts and components in Chico, California, since 1989. Price’s first products–quick release skewers–were followed by a host of CNC’d components including brakes, hubs, levers, and even derailleurs. On the company’s 25th anniversary, Price brought the skewers back with an updated design and limited-release color selections.

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First Impressions: Gevenalle Brake Pads

Disc brakes may get all the attention these days, but rim brakes aren’t going away anytime soon. For those riders looking to improve their brakes’ performance–or appearance–Gevenalle has just the ticket with their new road and cross pads.

Founded in Portland, Gevenalle started out as Retroshift. The company initially made a name for itself by offering affordable integrated brake/shift levers. In recent years, they added derailleurs and cassettes to the mix. Now Gevenalle is showing love to rim brake riders with their colorful brake pads.

Gevenalle’s brake pads are available in two models–road or cross. The former are compatible with standard caliper brakes, and the latter are designed for use with cantilever or linear-pull brakes. Both models feature Kool-Stop inserts, and cross models are available with steel or titanium hardware. Prices range from $48-$120 depending on hardware and pad choice.

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