Black Mountain

2 thoughts on “Black Mountain

  1. I am looking at the monstercross in same color. I am also looking at Salsa
    Vaya. I’ve been riding more gravel. Wondering what your thoughts on the disc brakes vs canti’s.

    1. For wet weather/conditions, it’s hard to beat disc brakes. I’ve ridden discs when it was raining so hard that I could barely see, and the brakes worked great. For honest-to-goodness mountain biking, I prefer discs over rim brakes.

      On dirt or gravel with moderately-skinny tires (i.e., 40mm or narrower), mini-v’s work great. In my experience, even the cheapest mini-v’s stop better than the most expensive cantilevers (pads/etc being equal). The Paul MiniMoto brakes are outstanding, and I recommend them highly.

      For conventional, paved-road riding, dual-pivot sidepulls work best for me.

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