Lezyne Giveaway

Do you remember wearing pants? No? That’s OK–we won’t tell anyone.

When you finally decide to ditch the sweats for actual pants, this custom Lezyne belt/buckle will have you looking like it’s 2019 again. The trim-to-fit belt measures 1.75″ x 48″, and is housed in a swanky, CNC-machined storage case.

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Flat Pedal Shoe Roundup

In a year that could best be described as a never-ending dumpster fire, 2020 was an unexpected wellspring for flat pedal aficionados in the form of lower prices and refined functionality. Not wanting to miss out on the pedals’ increased popularity, shoe manufacturers responded with more choices for flat-friendly footwear. Is more necessarily better, though? To answer that question, I spent nine months testing flat pedal shoes from Five Ten, Northwave, Pearl iZUMi and Ride Concepts.

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Bandana Giveaway

Tired of wearing the same old face covering, neckerchief, or do-rag? You’re in luck! GRAVELBIKE is giving away four, brand-new bandanas to one lucky winner. These bandanas were promotional items from industry trade shows, so you’re unlikely to see anyone else sporting the same design at the trailhead, grocery store, or your next Zoom meeting.

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