Under Test: Xpedo Spry Platform Pedals

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Bicycle components are all about compromises, and pedals are certainly no exception. Balancing weight, construction, and price is no small feat (bad pun intended), but Xpedo manages to deliver plenty of high-end features in their sub-$80 Spry platform pedal. Can the lightweight Spry hold up to Colorado’s rocky trails and unpredictable spring and summer weather?

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2 thoughts on “Under Test: Xpedo Spry Platform Pedals

  1. Be careful when purchasing these online…. there are a couple sellers on Amazon that sell counterfeit models that look exactly like the standard SPRY. From talking with Xpedo their pedals are ONLY mfg.’d in taiwan or the US, any other place is a counterfeit. I picked up a pair of the counterfeit ones accidentally and after only about two months of riding (about 30 miles a week) they squeak and the bearings are starting to get some slop already. I find that there are some times where my feet, if not in the exact right spot, will move around on the shaft shell (center portion of the pedal) making it feel like the pedals are not quite as concave as they should be to get good grip. Hopefully this is limited to the counterfeits.

    1. That’s good info–thanks for sharing. Just curious, were the Amazon sellers offering the Spry knockoffs at extremely low prices?

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