Under Test: Velo Orange Grand Cru Brakes

Not all bikes ridden on dirt and gravel are equipped with cantilevers or disc brakes. For frames that use conventional caliper brakes, the long-reach Grand Cru brakes from Velo Orange offer clearance for 33mm tires.

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5 thoughts on “Under Test: Velo Orange Grand Cru Brakes

  1. Bill Lucas

    Great to see that you are reviewing this brake set. I hope you can comment on the VO vs Shimano R650 limitations. The R650 cannot open up to clear a 32mm tire. Also, the arms are very close to the tire, i.e. little mud room.

    1. gravelbike Post author

      The Grand Cru quick-release doesn’t offer any additional tire clearance compared to Shimano’s BR-R650. Tire/fender clearance is a little better with the Grand Cru calipers, though, and they definitely feel stiffer when braking.

  2. dune

    I built my gravel bike around these brakes and my pacer. Of course they aren’t as long as 559’s; more like tektro 539’s but snappier.

    heres a test for you. re-do the the cable routing 2-3 times, or just loosen and re tighten the cable anchor bolt/ Ive had to replace cables on my bike a few times in the past years (routine maintenance) and the 2nd time i set up new cables the anchor bolt stripped out. they use a lot of soft aluminum on these brakes. even the recessed nut in the back is aluminum. after replacing the nut and the whole quick release/anchor bolt mechanism I stopped worrying about them.

    awesome brakes. nice to see them as a black option

    1. gravelbike Post author

      I noticed that the cable anchor bolts and centering screw were smaller than what Shimano uses on their BR-R650 sidepulls.

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