Under Test: SQlab Saddles

SQlab 611 Race model GRAVELBIKE.com gravel grinder Kalloy Uno carbon seatpost

SQlab 611 Race saddle.

SQlab 611 Active MTB model GRAVELBIKE.com gravel grinder Thomson Elite seatpost

SQlab 611 Active MTB saddle.

Germany’s SQlab produces saddles for road, MTB, triathlon, city/comfort, and trekking bikes. Each model is available in multiple widths so that you can select the proper size for your physiology and preferred riding position. The company’s Active model saddles include three elastomers (soft, medium, hard) for fine-tuning the amount of side-to-side movement.

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4 thoughts on “Under Test: SQlab Saddles

  1. Daniel

    I’ve heard good things about these saddles. SQlab is associated with Syntace right? Syntace makes high quality stuff.

      1. Daniel

        aah that’s what I was thinking. I’m interested to see what you think of the saddles.

    1. Kenny Roberts

      SQlab is also a German company based in Munich and they make a branded saddle for Liteville Bikes which is owned by Syntace! SQlab was one of the first companies to create a measuring system for saddles over 10 years ago and offer several unique designs which are exclusive to the brand. We’ve been started working with then about a year and a half a go after I was personally converted after suffering pain an numbness on a too narrow saddle for several years.

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