First Impressions: Smoove Chain Lube

I like quiet bikes. The last thing I want to hear when I’m riding is a noisy chain. And while I know the benefits of a properly lubed chain, I’d rather spend my time riding than cleaning and lubing my bike. Dry lubes promise sparkling drivetrains, but that often comes at the expense of longevity. Wet lubes offer long-lasting protection, but they can be messy. Finding a lube that combines the best of both worlds is a challenge, but Smoove’s universal chain lube ($14.95 / 150 mL) makes it easy to keep your bike lubed and mess-free.

Based in South Africa, Smoove designed their chain lube to withstand the brutal conditions faced by racers competing in that country’s Cape Epic off-road race. Unlike solvent-based lubes, Smoove utilizes a proprietary water-based formula that contains wax and special additives. Did you raise an eyebrow when you read the word wax? Don’t freak out, Smoove is nothing like those oldschool wax lubes that left your bike’s drivetrain looking like a wax museum reject.

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First Impressions: Five Ten Freerider Pro Shoes

When I decided to give flat pedals a try after 25 years of riding clipless, I knew that the right shoes would be a major factor in the flat pedals’ success. When it comes to shoes for flat pedal use, Five Ten pretty much wrote the book with their sticky-soled Freerider family of footwear (say that three times fast). I started with the company’s Freerider Contact model, and it’s served me well for several seasons. In the back of my mind, though, I found myself wishing for a slightly stiffer version with more traction on and off the bike. The folks at Five Ten must be psychic, because they developed the Freerider Pro ($150 MSRP) with exactly those features–and more. gravel bike gravel grinder Five Ten 5.10 Freerider Pro
The author’s Freerider Pros after several months of testing.

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MTB Performance: Intrinsic Motivation and Technology–What’s the Tie?

Image: Pixabay

Words by Amanda Wilks

Your MTB performance depends on two factors. One very large factor is your intrinsic motivation. Why are you in this game? What drives you? Is it a habit? An addiction? Are you doing it because it’s the thing you dream at night, you wake up for, and you want to do for the rest of your life? If that’s so, then technology is what will fuel your ambition and aspiration. Technology is the second most important performance factor. Carbon, computers, dropper seatposts, you name it, they’ll invent it.

What’s the perfect tie for your best MTB performance?

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