2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Is there an avid bicyclist on your holiday shopping list? Not sure what to get them? Here are 25 hand-picked items ranging from $5 to $220 that are sure to put a smile on any rider’s face.

Advocacy & Access

  • Make a donation or gift a membership to one of the many national or international bicycle advocacy groups.

Bags & Packs

  • Ditch the plastic sandwich bag and carry your trinkets in Spurcycle’s ultra-lightweight Multi Pouch ($29).
  • Whether you need to haul the proverbial kitchen sink or just get organized, Osprey’s line of duffel bags ($60-$140) is versatile and durable.
  • Chrome’s Mini Metro ($120) messenger bag is ideal for commuting or carrying everyday essentials.

Clothing & Outerwear

  • Handlebar Mustache has some of the best bike-related t-shirts ($9-$40).
  • Chrome’s Folsom shorts ($90-$120) look and feel good whether you’re riding or just hanging out.
  • Say hello to your new favorite jacket–the Pearl Izumi Versa Quilted hoodie ($165-$220).

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First Impressions: Terrene Honali Tires

Tire manufacturers often seem to fall into one of two camps–either they offer a dizzying array of models and variations, or they concentrate on a small number of core designs for specific use cases. With just six models in its current lineup, Terrene Tires finds itself ensconced in the latter camp. While initially making a name for themselves with knobby and mixed-terrain designs, Terrene recently added a dedicated touring model–the Honali–to its collection.

What differentiates Terrene’s Honali ($60.00 MSRP) from other touring tires? Tubeless compatibility, for one. While tubeless technology is a given in the MTB universe, true tubeless-compatible touring tires are relatively rare. And unlike most of Terrene’s other tires, the Honali forgoes the company’s Light (120 TPI casing) option in favor of Tough (60 TPI, TekShield) and DuraTough versions (60 TPI, TekShield+). Available in 700 x 40 and 700 x 50 (tested) sizes, both versions feature black sidewalls with reflective strips for added visibility.

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Update: 2017 Lock Roundup

Rolling up to the outdoor bike locker on a chilly Monday morning, something didn’t look right. My trusty Kryptonite was still attached (and locked), but the door was slightly ajar. Upon closer inspection, I could see that the locker’s handle (and my u-lock) had sustained some serious abuse. A gentle tug easily opened the door, revealing further damage to the locker’s latch and hinges. None of other the bike lockers appeared to have suffered any damage, so it was safe to assume that my locker was specifically targeted (either that or the would-be thief had a strong dislike for orange u-locks).

This incident underscores the fact that your bicycle’s security is only as strong as the weakest link (no pun intended). While my Kryptonite lock sustained only superficial damage (torn vinyl covering), the locker itself proved to be far more vulnerable. Bottom line: make sure that whatever you’re locking your bike to is as strong as your lock.