Things I Like: Spurcycle Bell

Bicycling can be an expensive activity. The best equipment often comes with a price tag that’s beyond many riders’ budgets. While the $49 Spurcycle bell certainly ain’t cheap, it’s generally regarded as the finest bicycle bell available at any price. And after using one for more than a year, I’d have to agree. My personal Spurcycle bell has seen duty on every single bike I’ve ridden during that period. Bikes may come and go, but that bell–like my favorite saddle and pedals–always gets transferred from bike to bike.

Spurcycle’s packaging is as elegant as the product itself.

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First Impressions: Alpine Luddites Mini Frame Pack

Thanks to the bikepacking boom, hundreds of companies across the globe now crank out seatpacks, handlebar rolls, and top tube bags. And while nearly every bag maker offers the basics, finding a lightweight and compact pack designed to fit inside the top tube/seat tube junction proved more difficult than expected. Thankfully, John Campbell of Alpine Luddites was up to the task, and offered to turn my idea into reality.

The pack mounts securely with four Velcro straps.

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