Under Test: TRP RG957 Brakes

Riders seeking dual-pivot caliper brakes with clearance for not-so-skinny tires now have another choice with TRP’s RG957 model. Available in polished silver, matte black, or matte grey (shown), RG957s weigh 170g per-caliper, and feature stainless steel hardware.

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Under Test: Velo-Orange Grand Cru Brakes

Not all bikes ridden on dirt and gravel are equipped with cantilevers or disc brakes. For frames that use conventional caliper brakes, the long-reach Grand Cru brakes from Velo-Orange offer clearance for 33mm tires.

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Under Test: FSA Afterburner Disc Brakes

Full Speed Ahead will be releasing their Afterburner and K-Force hydraulic brakes in March. Both models feature tool-free reach and contact-point adjustments, and utilize mineral oil (as opposed to DOT brake fluid).

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