Under Test: Octto Professional Gel Bar Tape


Octto‘s Professional Gel bar tape comes in no less than 15 colors, smooth or carbon textures, and features Gelicone™ Enhanced Comfort Foam. The tape’s extra-long length accommodates virtually any size handlebar, and the low-residue adhesive backing leaves less residue when it’s time to change tape.

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5 thoughts on “Under Test: Octto Professional Gel Bar Tape

  1. I just tried Salsa bar tape on my dirt road bike and was thrilled that it is much longer than most so I was able to lay the wraps close together for a thick layer, it was very stretchy so there was no fear of tearing. It feels great.

    • I’ve used Salsa (and Bontrager) bar tape in the past, and the Octto tape has a somewhat similar feel. The extra length is great when you want lots of overlap on a wide (44cm, in my case) bars.

  2. With two silicone-y handle-grip products on test and in consecutive posts, I can’t help myself but to offer a reference to ESI grips. While the company’s full name, Extreme Steering, Inc., makes me and my low-key sensibilities cringe just a bit, I really like their grips. ESI has 3 thicknesses of mtb grips; I’ve had a pair of their “chunky” grips on my rigid, singlespeed 29er for a couple years now, and they’re great. (I only mention the rigid ss business for context. The grips have been durable, they don’t throttle during climbs, they’re easy to maintain grip even without gloves, and I’ve never felt they lacked any cush.) Because I like the mtb grips so well, I put their RCT Wrap on my Space Horse, and I’ve been very happy with that choice as well. My one, weak complaint would be that some of the grips’ color transfers to my palms during longer rides, but I feel that’s like complaining about helmet hair.

      • You don’t say… I’ll have to graze a few more trees to hasten the demise of my chunky and give that Karv(xt) a try. As I said, I’ve been happy with the ESI grips, but I’m certainly open to being *more* satisfied!

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