Under Test: TRP RG957 Brakes

Riders seeking dual-pivot caliper brakes with clearance for not-so-skinny tires now have another choice with TRP’s RG957 model. Available in polished silver, matte black, or matte grey (shown), RG957s weigh 170g per-caliper, and feature stainless steel hardware.

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6 thoughts on “Under Test: TRP RG957 Brakes

    • Max tire size would depend on the rim used, the particular tire, etc. With 23mm-wide rims, 32mm tires are fine. If using fenders, 28mm clear standard (SKS, Planet Bike, etc) 35mm fenders. These are merely guidelines, as you would also have to factor in the frame/fork’s clearance.

      Note that the Q/R on these brakes (and other brakes, too), won’t open wide enough to clear fat(ter) tires.

  1. What levers are you using? TRP claims that these work (well) with both the new Shimano (short) and standard Campy/SRAM pull ratios?

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