Under Test: Philips SafeRide 80 Light

GRAVELBIKE.com Philips SafeRide bicycle light led B&M lumotec

Full review is in the works, but initial impressions are very positive.  Ample light spread, but the top cut-off doesn’t blind oncoming riders or motorists.  Uses four AA cells (included), and charges via a micro-USB port/cable.  Will run for an hour on the high setting (which is very bright), and then automatically switches to the low-power setting.

4 thoughts on “Under Test: Philips SafeRide 80 Light

  1. Been commuting on the Saferide 80 for a year now — the best beam pattern I’ve seen from any bicycle headlight, battery or dynamo. I especially appreciate the graduated intensity — less power in the foreground so the more distant light doesn’t have to be as bright. No signs of water intrusion after a year commuting in Seattle.

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