First Impressions: Dumonde Tech Freehub Lubes

Freehubs are one of those components that many riders ignore when it comes to maintenance. Much of that hands-off approach stems from the time when Shimano freehubs were the only game in town, and servicing them required disassembling the hub and dealing with loose ball bearings and temperamental shields. But now that many freehubs can be removed sans tools (or with a couple of allen wrenches), there’s no excuse to ignore your bike’s freehub.

Choosing the correct lube for your particular freehub is essential for optimal performance. Using a lube that’s too thick or heavy can prevent the pawls from engaging properly, and lightweight lubes can be easily displaced (or migrate into the hub’s bearings). Whether your freehub requires grease, or an oil-type lube, Dumonde Tech has you covered with their line of freehub lubes.

Dumonde’s Freehub Oil is designed for hubs that use individual pawls such as those found on the BikeHubStore freehub pictured below. Unlike thicker lubes or greases, the low-friction oil is light enough that it won’t gum up the pawls or springs, yet still offers protection against wear and friction. We tested the Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil on hubs from BikeHubStore, HED, Mavic, Rolf Prima, and White Industries. In each case, the Dumonde-treated pawls ratcheted freely (even in sub-freezing temperatures). Inspecting the hubs after 200-300 miles of use revealed no degradation or swelling of the hubs’ seals.

For freehubs that require grease, Dumonde Tech offers their aptly-named Freehub Grease. While thicker than the company’s Freehub Oil, the lightweight grease has a flow point of -30 degrees, making it suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures. We found that Dumonde’s Freehub grease did an excellent job adhering to the star ratchets used by DT Swiss, but unlike more viscous greases, didn’t become thicker or stickier with use. It’s always best to follow hub manufacturers’ recommendations on grease volume, but we found that a little Dumonde Tech grease went a very long way.

Do these specialty lubes work better than conventional oils or greases? After months of testing, we’d have to say that they do. The Dumonde-treated freehubs ran smoother, quieter, and were consistently more reliable. But don’t just take our word for it, Dumonde Tech’s freehub lubes are used and endorsed by companies such as Crank Brothers, DT Swiss, Industry 9, Profile Racing, Ritchey Design, and Stans’s NoTubes.

Disclosure: Dumonde Tech provided review samples for this article, but offered no other form of compensation for this review.

Tech Tip: V-Brake Arm Lengths

Despite their age, our articles on v-brakes and v-brake conversions remain very popular with GRAVELBIKE’s readers. To help folks determine whether a certain brake will clear their bikes’ fenders or fat tires, we’ve compiled a list of popular v-brakes’ arm lengths (the list will be updated as new information becomes available).

Model Length (mm)
Tektro 926AL 80
Paul MiniMoto 83
TRP CX8.4 84
BOX Eclipse (short) 85
Promax P-1 (short) 85
Tektro BX3v 85
Tektro RX5 85
Shimano BR-R353 87
Tektro RX6 90
TRP CX9 90
Tektro 930AL 95
Tektro BX25 95
Tektro M530 102
Tektro M730 102
TRP M920 102
Avid SL 104
KCNC 105
AEST 106
Koski Lite 106
Shimano Deore XT BR-T780 107
BOX Eclipse (long) 108
Promax P-1 (long) 108
Tektro 857AL 110
Tektro C310 110